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Brian – thanks, as ever, for your master-planning and organisation which means that all the peregrinos have to do is ‘get up and walk’ (and that’s testing enough after late nights and ‘several’ bevvies betimes!).

I am certainly glad I decided to book what was a fun-filled and varied week with lots of laughter and happy memories with a great bunch of people.

Alison (June 2017)

Alison, Dublin, Ireland (June 2017)

Hi guys,

Thanks a million for a fabulous week and all my new friends, really enjoyed the walk and chats.

Brian and Alison you were brilliant hosts, everything worked like clockwork.

Margaret Lynam

Margaret Lynam, Dublin, Ireland (May 2017)

My 3rd Flavour of the Camino experience , this time up and over the Pyrenees , was fantastic …!
With much fun laughter encouragement achievement and passion for the Camino … it’s a great way to go !

Thanks Brian and all my fellow Pilgrims !

Mary Moylan

Mary Moylan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland (June 2017)

For anybody thinking of doing the Camino….particularly “first timers”…..this is the company for you.

Brian seems to have a natural ability to take excellent care of a group of “Peregrinos”. Loads of fun, companionship and help without feeling crowded. Excellent value…

Thank you Brian.  Love – Frances & Tom Kelly

Frances & Tom Kelly, Dublin, Ireland (May 2017)

I would like to say that this was an experience of a lifetime and also the challenge of a lifetime which gave me such a “high” when I arrived back in Dublin and I am still holding on to that.

I want to thank Brian for all his help and for all the hard work and organisation he had to do to make it such a successful trip. For once in my life I didn’t have to worry or think about looking for restaurants, booking meals etc. or trying to find and book hotels in all the different places that we stayed. As far as I am concerned this is the only way to see the country and its villages and history. The fact that you are also getting fit and healthy is a bonus. It all ran so smoothly thanks to Brian and of course Alison.

I would definitely be interested in doing the Pamplona to Logrono stretch whenever you are planning it next.

Renee McManus, Dublin, Ireland (May 2017)

Another great week with Brian of Flavour of the Camino & his very able assistant Alison!!!

We had a ball with old & new friends. We walked from St. Jean to Pamplona, we laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced, we shared jelly babies, wine gums, star bursts & biscuits. We had a feast halfway up the mountain in the pouring rain. It was a memorable experience with Camino chums.

Brian was our esteemed leader & he looked after us royally, supplying us with dioralyte, berocca, plasters, germoline. He carried his medicine chest with him & was on hand if any peregrino needed help. We adopted 2 mums & their 2 daughters along the way & that was due to Brian looking out for them.

Would recommend Flavour of the Camino without any hesitation. We even tried to get Brian to take on another route so that we could go with him again!!

Ann Carroll, Dublin, Ireland (June 2017)
Two weeks back from a very memorable Pyrenees Trip led by Brian and helped along by Alison his lovely wife.
This was my second trip with Brian.
There wasn’t a hitch along the way as Brian had everything organised down to every tiny little detail, accommodation, food, bag moving,  travel etc. The man has some patience as it isn’t easy organise a group of 18 particularly crossing over the Pyrenees on a very foggy and misty day in dangerous conditions.
Thanks again Brian and Alison and keep up the good work.
Pauline Waters
Pauline Waters, Dublin, Ireland (June 2017)

My wife Anne and I walked with Brian from Logrono to Burgos in May.

This was our third trip with FOTC and it was just as wonderful as the other two.

Walking the Camino is a wonderful experience made all the more enjoyable when you walk with a guide who puts his heart and soul into ensuring that each and every group member gets the maximum enjoyment from the experience. A lot of effort goes into the organisation side of the trip including accomodation, transport and information on the sights along the route.

Unfortunately FOTC specialises in the first three sections only. But if ever Brian decides to do later sections we’re in!

John Leech, Co. Kildare, Ireland (June 2017)

Thank you so much for a really wonderful holiday/walking experience.

You took great care of us and showed a lot of kindness and patience over the week.  The encouraging words “you are all doing very well” always made me smile – even on that cold wet Thursday.  You built a strong team who helped and supported each other along the way.  They were great fun too..

I hope you might consider taking a group on the next stage starting in Burgos.  I just can’t imagine walking without the support of Flavour of the Camino.

Logrono to Burgos May 2017

Kathryn, Dublin, Ireland, (May 2017)
My second trip with Flavour of the Camino and it was everything I had hoped it would be – and more!
Thank you Brian and Alison for yet another wonderful experience.
Highlights for me were:
1. A super group of people
2. The walking – together and alone.
3. The care for and of each other.
4. Oh! Such laughter and fun!!!
5. Walking in the rain, thunder and lightning – beautiful!  Just for half a day!
6. The spontaneous singing.
7. The early morning mist rising and cuckoo calls.
Memories that will stay with me.
Thank you Flavour of the Camino – Rating : 5 STAR!
Jean Boyers, Co. Laois, Ireland (May 2017)


Following our fantastic experience last year walking the Navarra section with Flavour of the Camino, we returned this year to walk both the La Rioja and Pyrenees sections, both of which were equally wonderful, thanks in no small way to our leader, tour guide, sherpa, nurse, agony aunt,…… and all round great guy Brian Hunt!

Thank you Brian for another two memorable weeks.

Willie & Sally Campbell, Dublin, Ireland (MAY & JUNE 2016)


I couldn’t recommend Flavour of The Camino highly enough

We had such a lovely week.

Gemma Conlon, Dublin, Ireland (May 2016)

I had a wonderful time on the Pamplona to Logrono stage and enjoyed every minute of it.    I would like to thank you so much for all your help and organisation.   I would have absolutely nothing negative to say about it.    It was a very special trip for me.     It was great to have the maps and the print outs which you handed out each night.

Thank you also so much for organising all the hotels and meals.

Everything was perfect.

Beatrice O’Reilly, Dublin, Ireland (April 2016)

I had a fantastic week on the Logrono to Burgos part of the Camino with Brian and friends.

This was my second year with Brian and I admire his continued energy and enthusiasm to ensure perigrinos enjoy the “true spirit” of the Camino.

We enjoyed beautiful scenery, lovely food and wine and especially good company and friendships.

I highly recommend Flavour of the Camino for anyone considering undertaking the pilgrim route.

Michael Byrne Bishopstown, Co. Cork Ireland (May 2016)

A trip of a lifetime, to be treasured.

We had a wonderful time on the Camino and Brian our leader could not do more for us.  He was always prepared and willing to go that extra mile in every sense of the word.

On one occasion we mislaid a mobile phone and he went back to where we last were to retrieve it and this was after a long days walk, what more can we say.

Every aspect of the trip was looked after and we had great peace of mind. We would definitely recommend everyone to experience the Camino under Brian’s capable watch

Brian and Catherine Shanley, Dublin, Ireland (April 2016)

Just back from our 3rd trip with Brian and Flavour of the Camino (FOTC).

This year we travelled over the Pyrenees from St Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona. Yet another great week of walks/climbs, craic, excellent company, food, drink, stunning scenery and great weather – all under Brian’s watchful eye.

Travelling with FOTC is the ideal way to see the Camino and get the most from your trip.

Sue and Howard Farrell, Dublin, Ireland (June 2016)

Just back from another great week on the Camino with Brian. This is my third year going with Flavour of the Camino and it just gets better each year.

Brian’s dedication, enthusiasm and personal attention to detail means that his guests can focus on enjoying the Camino experience, making new friends and generally having a wonderful time.

I couldn’t recommend Brian and Flavour of the Camino highly enough. For anyone who is thinking of trying the Camino experience, Flavour of the Camino is the only way to go.

Paul Owens Dublin, Ireland (June 2016)

Just come back from my third time with Flavour of the Camino, this time walking over the Pyrenees. It was the most spectacular few days I have ever spent.

Flavour of the Camino is the only way to get an idea of what walking the Camino Way is all about. Brian is fun to be with and always there when you need him. He organises your trip in a way that makes you feel safe but also have the freedom to do it your way if you so wish.

I thoroughly recommend Flavour of The Camino.

Billie Stafford, Dublin, Ireland (June 2016)

Brian – Just to say a huge “Thank You” to you and Flavour of The Camino (FOTC) for another wonderful Camino adventure.

This was my third year in a row with FOTC and the experience just gets better and better. All I had to do was turn up, walk and have a great time. Thanks so much for making it all so easy and enjoyable. The Pyrenees section this year was magic – beautiful scenery, great hikes, fantastic company and, as ever, the craic was mighty along the way.

Thanks a million to FOTC and wishing you continued success.

Derek Manning, Dublin, Ireland (June 2016)

Brian I want to thank you for such an inspiring, adventurous, and fun exploration of the Navarra route of the Camino. I feel really great since.

You brought us to the most interesting places synonymous with North Spain. You were a terrific host, coping with all different personalities with friendliness and respect.

Thank you for my Camino, Brian.   (You did very well !!!! )

Linda Adams, Dublin, Ireland (May 2016)

Just back from my second trip with Flavour of the Camino!

Had a great Camino under the watchful eyes of Brian and Alison Hunt. Every last detail was considered so we all had a stress free and very enjoyable holiday.

Would highly recommend Flavour of the Camino to anyone considering a walk on the Camino

Alan Greene, Dublin Ireland (June 2016)

Another Great Week on the Camino with Flavour of The Camino.

Some ‘old’ friends, some new friends, plenty of sunshine (and Vino) every day on The Way.

We were expertly guided by Brian – it’s a pity that he stops ‘The Flavour’ at Burgos! How will we now manage on the next 500 kms to Santiago without him??

Many thanks to Brian, and FOTC .I strongly recommend FOTC to all potential Peregrinos. ‘Padre’.

Jeremy Clarke, Dublin Ireland (May 2016)

A big thank you to Flavour of The Camino and Brian Hunt for a wonderful week walking the Navarra section of the Camino.

A super group of fellow peregrinos – walking, talking, laughing, reflecting, singing, encouraging each other, sharing. What a wonderful sense of achievement at the end of each day! Lovely food, great accommodation and who could forget the restorative wine! orange juice and WATER!! All the while being gently shepherded and cared for by Brian through THE most beautiful countryside and villages.

Look no further than this site if you want a truly unforgettable experience – Muchas gracias!

Jean Conroy, Co. Laois, Ireland (May 2016)

My decision to walk the Camino was ‘spur of the moment’, prompted by a desire to clear my head and temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Little did I know it was possible to do just that while having the best fun imaginable. If laughter is the best medicine I’m confident my health is at a new peak!

I walked from Pamplona to Logrono through spectacular scenery with the loveliest group. My journey was both uplifting and profound. Those of you who have made the journey will know the Camino is a special place – thank you Brian for introducing me to it.

I look forward  to returning!

Marian Donovan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. (April 2016)

Thanks Brian for another great week of walking.

Our trip over the Pyrenees and into Pamplona was awesome. We had great weather apart from the day we walked from Orisson to Roncesvalles when your guiding skills were essential. However “even the bad times were good” weather wise.  We tasted some great food, drank lots of good wine, had a lot of laughs and made new friends. Its difficult to pick a highlight because every day was so different and had its own delights.

We are already looking forward to our 2017 trip from Logrono to Burgos with Flavour of The Camino.

John and Anne Leech, Kill, Co. Kildare, Ireland (June 2016)

Once again I had a fantastic week on the Camino with Brian. We walked from Logrono to Burgos.

It was a slightly longer walk than last year but do you know what, I didn’t notice. The love & enthusiasm from Brian, who can walk with the fastest walker & slower than the slowest walker, made it all seem normal. The pit stops for coffee, real OJ, lunch, well deserved pints in the “square”, dinner, excellent accommodation, suitcases waiting for you. What more could a holiday offer? Oh I know – new friends, laughter & comradeship not to be found anywhere else.

If you have any doubts just go – and thank me afterwards!

Wendy O’Connor, Dublin, Ireland (May 2016)

June 2016 and another great Camino with Brian and Flavour of the Camino!

The trip was fantastic from start to finish thanks to Brian’s hands on expertise, with everything organised down to the finest detail.  The group very quickly gelled together having spent some time discovering Biarritz and then travelling on to St Jean Pied De Port. The next day the walking and chat started with up hill climbs, superb scenery and changing weather!

Brian guided us through some difficult weather and terrain going over the top of The Pyrenees, with all of us in good spirits and confident in our leader!   The Camino walk was once again a very special time spent with old friends and meeting new ones!  I enjoyed every aspect of it from the walk itself through wonderful country side and tiny villages to the many meals we all shared with lots of vino and craic!  Not to forget the hostels and hotels which were delightful!!

All in all another wonderful week thanks to Brian!

Deirdre Hickey, Cork, Ireland (June 2016)

Looking forward to  My Camino I had no idea what I was entering into – I was excited, like waiting for Santa to arrive but not knowing what to expect  after that.

Flavour of the Camino – Brian – helped me to achieve everything and more from my pilgrimage –  It far  exceeded my expectations in everything and more.  Brian provided everything – from the booking of hotels, baggage transport, wonderful meals, what to look out for along the way, knowledge of the history of places, treating and care of blisters, to trips to a Winery – the list is endless.

Brian is very much a people’s person – he engaged our group of such a mix of people to work together, as well as giving us individual attention and positive feedback all along the ‘Way’.

Flavour of the Camino is definitely the way to go when heading over to walk for the first time.  It does what it says on the ‘tin’.  Thank you Brian for helping me achieve everything and more on this my very special pilgrimage!!!

Paula Gahan, Dublin, Ireland (May 2016)

Well as promised last year, I’m back!

I decided to bite the bullet this year and complete two sections of the Camino, Pamplona to Logrono and St Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona. Did them in reverse as I wasn’t sure the old legs could cope with the mountains and other undulations without a quick 100k stroll to Logrono first!

Travelled with two different groups and as in the previous year I was delighted to be under the watchful eye of Brian Hunt.  His knowledge of the areas we travelled through was amazing, not to mention his gentle shepherding skills when some of the flock strayed! Sadly, the weather was misty crossing the Pyrenees so the visibility was limited – I suppose that means I’ll have to have another go in the future.

If you are considering trying out a walking holiday along some of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the Camino then look no further – Flavour of The Camino will take you on the holiday of a lifetime.

If I hadn’t a job to go home to I could have easily joined the throngs of wonderful people all making their way to Santiago de Compostella – another time, maybe…..

Sue Jameson, Dublin, Ireland (May and June 2016)

Sitting in Biarritz airport waiting for my flight home and I can’t believe it is just a week since I arrived to do the Pyrenees section with Brian.

It was all that was promised and more – we laughed, we cried, we talked and we walked, we ate and drank in wonderful places and we shared rooms (a first for me) and experienced the true peregrino spirit.

My Camino moment this year was staying at a wonderful Albergue in Orisson over communal dinner with our fellow peregrinos, truly memorable.

This is my second time on a Flavour of The Camino trip and I can’t wait for the next one. Brian looked after us so well, we felt safe every moment, he spurred us on when we were flagging and gave advice when needed, a true leader and companion. He did “very well indeed” and I’ll be back.

Thanks again for a wonderful week.

Ann Halpin, Cannes, France (June 2016)

Navarra Section – Pamplona to Longrono

What an experience and what wonderful friendship among the group. We were escorted throughout by an amazing leader who had everything any Camino traveller would wish for, all sorts of bandages and a very caring and helpful way about him. His knowledge of the Camino is 2nd to none and he looked after everyone’s needs 100%.

All of the arrangements in restaurants and hotels were top class and we could not have asked for more. I could not recommend “Flavour of the Camino” more highly for anyone wishing or looking for the experience of the Camino.

James and Liz Murphy, Glenageary, Dublin, (April 2016)

We are just back from our 3rd trip with Flavour of the Camino. This time we walked from St Jean Pied De Port over the Pyrenees to Pamplona .

What a fantastic week. We were delighted to meet up with old friends and to make many news ones in our group. We walked through stunning scenery in brilliant sunshine, we had great fun as we walked and at our breaks, and great sing songs every night.

As in previous years Brian looked after us so well from the very minute we flew into Biarritz (what a lovely city) to our departure from Bilbao. He is so knowledgeable about everything Camino related.  (He even highlighted various film locations in a number of towns that featured in Martin Sheen’s film The Way). His attention to detail is superb.

We cannot recommend Flavour of the Camino highly enough and are already looking forward to our next trip with Brian

Eugene & Helen McLoughlin, Dublin Ireland (June 2016)


My experience on the camino was wonderful!

Fun, challenging, accomplishing, rewarding and engaging. I enjoyed every minute of it and I’ll be back.

Everything was so well organised that all we had to do was walk and have the craic.

Thanks Brian.

Mary Moylan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland (MAY 2015)

Joined Brian for Stage 2 to Burgos at the end of May.

Had a fantastic week with Brian looking after all our needs so well.  As with last year everything was perfectly organised with good hotels and food all along the way.

Already looking forward to next year.

Thanks Brian for a really great week.

Mark Leaden, Dublin, Ireland (JUNE 2015)

What a ” flavour” of the camino our week was, it was wonderful, above and beyond all expectations.

We would thoroughly recommend it to anyone, a hassle-free way to enjoy all the experience without any of the stress!

Let Brian do the planning and just enjoy the challenge

Darby & Breda Timbs, Dublin, Ireland (JUNE 2015)

It was a privilege to spend our first week on the Camino, from Pamplona to Logrono with Brian and a great group of people.

It far exceeded our expectations and we had such fun and craic. Brian had every single detail organised and nothing was too much trouble for him.

We are so looking forward to the next stage with Flavour of the Camino.

John and Regina O’Connell, Co Kildare, Ireland (MAY 2015)

Another great week with Flavour of The Camino.

Loved it all! 

Looking forward to next year already.

Highly recommend the trip.

Billie Stafford, Dublin, Ireland (JUNE 2015)

Had a fantastic trip with Flavour of the Camino.

Brian is so knowledgeable about all this area, and nothing is too much trouble for him.

His enthusiasm and love of the Camino is infectious!

Just book it!

Miriam McNally, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2015)


Another fabulous week with Brian Hunt and Flavour Of The Camino.

Just arrived in our great hotel in Burgos … Feeling fab!

Thanks so much Brian.


Orna Stokes, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2015)


Great week wandering between Logrono and Burgos,

Brian makes the week special with his daily bulletins, and friendly encouragement along the way.

I’ll be back

Sue Jameson, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2015)


Just back from a great trip with Flavour of the Camino.

I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a stress free but fun way to do part of the Camino.

Brian’s knowledge and organisational skills are second to none!


Alan Greene, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2015)


I went with trepidation on my first Camino and fell in love!

I loved the experience, the people, the views, the food (& wine!) and the organisation by Brian who made it seem effortless.

It was without doubt the best holiday/experience of my life (so far!)

I can’t wait to go back next year and see the amazing people that I met again.

Brian,  Thank you very much.

Wendy O’Connor, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2015)


Just to say thanks a million for another truly lovely week walking on the Camino with you and all our fellow peregrinos.


Over our two trips with Flavour of the Camino we have now covered 225 kilometres, Pamplona – Logrono (2014) and Logrono – Burgos (2015).


We are looking forward to our trip in 2016 already

Ian and Brid O’Neill, Dublin Ireland (JUNE 2015)

The camino trip was way beyond my expectations and that was largely down to Brian.

I have returned on such a high. The “Flavour of the Camino” is so aptly named – we experienced walks through the most beautiful countryside accompanied by great laughter and comradeship, enjoyed lovely meals and great Spanish wine and very nice accommodation to rest our weary bones.

Brian’s knowledge of the camino, his wonderful organisation skills, his kindness and his great sense of humour made this a fantastic experience.

I cant wait for 2016 to do the next 100km.

Dymphna Lynch, Dublin, Ireland (APRIL 2015)

Just had the best experience EVER!

A week of fun and laughter and challenges. Challenges being walking 100k through stunning countryside,  a few tough hills (undulations as Brian prefers to call them). The effort was quickly forgotten when reaching the top. A great sense of achievement!

And the fun laughter and friendship will never be forgotten.

Brian from the start becomes a true friend – the sort that knows all the best places, restaurants, wines etc. A verifiable fountain of incredibly well researched knowledge of all the weird and wonderful along the way.

Can’t wait to return next year

Patricia Burke, Dublin, Ireland (APRIL 2015)

I want to say that this is the best way to be on the Camino.

Brian is an exceptional guide and made the journey so much more with his knowledge and experience.  He is a brilliant leader and helps everyone to experience the best of the Camino. He keeps everyone so interested in such an easy manner.  We learnt so much from a man who clearly loves what he does..

That was a five star trip and that was what the experience truly meant to me Brian. Can’t help but sing your praises since I came back!!

A wonderful experience and a big thank you for a great holiday.

Clare Whyte, Dublin, Ireland (APRIL 2015)

I walked a 100km section of the Camino de Santiago with old friends and met some great new friends.

This is thanks to Brian Hunt and Flavour of the Camino. That is exactly what Brian gives you, the real flavour, the companionship and the stories of the Camino.

We got sore knees and blisters on the little toes. We also had good food and wine, singsongs and laughter.

Thank you Brian. I would highly recommend Flavour of the Camino

Colette Carter, Dublin, Ireland (APRIL 2015)

What a wonderful week walking from Pamplona to Logrono!

At the outset we felt a bit daunted by the prospect of walking such long distances but it proved to be no problem at all.

Brian is such a legend – his enthusiasm and passion for the Camino made it an unforgettable experience.

We are both really looking forward to doing the following stage next year.

Willie & Sally Campbell, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2015)

Thank you Brian and my fellow peregrinos for an excellent week walking the Camino.

You are an exceptional guide, and your love of the Camino is contagious, and I loved  the anecdotes along the way that helped us up the (“M F”) hills – “undulations” as you like to call them

You are also the most organised MAN I know!!  You have it all sorted, and I still enjoy reading our daily sheets.

Looking forward to next year

Avril Kinlan, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2015)

A great week away! Hard work, (exercise wise for me! but I did it.. ) but it was just a fabulous week!!

Wonderfully organised, no worries at all, all I had to do was book my flight and pack my bag. Brian did everything else. Really lovely hotels booked, routes planned, wonderful daily updates regarding the routes & venues to visit!

I was a day late arriving to start my Camino, Brian had the bus ticket from Bilbao to Logrono sent back to me in Ireland in time for my trip. Just great. I had no worries at all, just the way to travel, either in a group or alone. Thank you Brian!

Una Ryan, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2015)

Hi Brian, I was having a look through some of my camino photos.I thought this was typical of many of our days : – not too hot and with an ‘undulation’ ahead!

Your ‘tour’ was a brilliant introduction to the Camino. Having the security of booked accommodation and yourself discretely shepherding us along the way meant we only had to think about the beauty of the countryside, the camaraderie and where to stop for the next hot chocolate.

The craic in the evenings was mighty. At one of our hotels I was speaking to a Canadian couple who had been observing us at dinner.They said they were enjoying their Camino but reckoned that it would have been so much better to be part of a group with such a knowledgable and good humoured guide.

So there you are now – your secret is out.   Thanks for a great camino.

Pamela McNutt, Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland (May 2015)

We have recently returned from a week as guests of ‘ Flavour of The Camino’ going from Pamplona to Logrono organized by Brian Hunt.

We had a wonderful week walking through magnificent scenery, chatting, not chatting, enjoying great coffees in the most unlikely little places, imbibing well earned beers in sunny ancient squares, eating tasty meals and resting our weary heads in consistently clean and friendly hotels.

All organized with military precision,amazing thoughtfulness and good humour by Brian.

Thank you Brian for an unforgetable holiday.”

Marina McShane, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2015)

If you’ve ever considered walking part of the Camino and don’t know where to start,  look no further than ‘Flavour of the Camino’.

Brian’s organisational skills leave no stone unturned which means that all you have to think of is walking along picturesque trails, greeting fellow peregrinos and counting down the miles until the next village coffee or lunch stop (and yes, he even managed for us to hit those around ‘elevenses’ and lunchtime!).

Pampered pilgrims we were, as accommodation was in very comfortable hotels (no ‘albergues’ for us) with luggage transported from place to place.

For a very modest fee, Brian organises it all (his profit would appear to be the enjoyment of his ‘fellow’ peregrinos) and a week’s ‘Flavour of the Camino’ was a great experience, refreshing for body and soul, and is to be highly recommended.”

Alison – Dublin

Alison, Dublin, Ireland (May 2015)

Having talked of doing the Camino for more years than I care to remember, I eventually took the leap and made the trip this year with Flavour of the Camino.  Best decision was to join Brian on this amazing journey, an experience which turned out to be way beyond anything I expected.

With Brian at the helm, this was a journey of many flavours.  Brian guided us along the 100kms of beautiful countryside from Pamplona to Logrono, sharing his enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the Camino.

This was a great week – new friends, fun and much laughing.  I’m looking forward to returning to the Camino next year for the next 100kms.      Flavour of the Camino is the total package.

Thank you Brian

Carmel Smith, Dublin, Ireland (APRIL 2015)

Thanks Brian and Flavour of the Camino for another excellent week, this time taking us from Logrono to Burgos.

As with last year’s trip, you had everything organised for us – all we had to do was turn up and walk!!  But we did a lot more than that; we had great fun and made new friends along the way.

I had a fantastic week – beautiful countryside, good food, wine, accommodation and great craic! The detail you put in to organising everything made it all so easy for us and yet we had the flexibility to go at our own pace and do our own thing if we wished.

Only complaint – it all went too quickly because we were having so much fun. Looking forward to joining you on the next stage in 2016.

Many thanks Brian. Wishing you and Flavour of the Camino continued success.

Derek Manning, Dublin, Ireland (JUNE 2015)

Last week Anne and I walked the section from Pamplona to Logrono.

The week was organised by Brian down to the last detail. The evening meetings ensure that the following days walk runs smoothly and that everyone gets the most out of the day. The evening dinners allow Peregrinos to enjoy good food, drink good wine and reminisce about the events of the day.

Brian has contacts in most of the villages we stopped in and the hotels give his Peregrinos the star treatment.

The week was part pilgrimage, part holiday, part making new friends and totally memorable!

Once you have tasted the Flavour of the Camino you will want more. Next year we are coming back for seconds!!

John Leech, Co. Kildare, Ireland (MAY 2015)

I  walked from Pamplona to Logrono with Flavour of the Camino. It was a fantastic week, walking through beautiful countryside, and small picturesque villages along the way.

Everything was perfectly organised by Brian, from the moment he met our group in Bilbao airport, until he deposited us back there at the end of a great week. His enthusiasm and love of the Camino is infectious, and he was always there to encourage us (mainly me!) up and over the hilly parts.

I didn’t know anyone in the group previously, but this didn’t matter, as everyone was very friendly. There was always someone to talk to and laugh with while walking along, or you could walk with your own thoughts for company.

At the end of each day it was great to arrive at a comfortable hotel, with the reward of a few beers, a lovely meal and a lot of laughs with the group.

I would definitely recommend Brian Hunt’s Flavour of the Camino and would love to undertake the next stage in 2016.

Thank you, Brian, for a fabulous trip!

Caroline Leaden, Dublin, Ireland (APRIL 2015)


Brian,     Thank you for a fabulous week with Flavour of the Camino.  It truly was a “flavour” of the great walk.

Thank you for organising everything from the hotels, meals, transport to luggage delivery, which left us with nothing else to do but walk, relax and have fun.

Great week. Thank you again. Rosemarie 

Rosemarie Donnelly, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

Hi Brian
Back at work in a rainy Dublin. Very much thinking of the excellent week we had last week.

Thank you so much for looking after us so fantastically. Looking forward to next trip with Flavour of the Caminio.
Regards – Eugene & Helen

Eugene & Helen McLoughlin, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

Brian – many thanks for giving us the opportunity to fulfil one of the items on our bucket list!!

Howard and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and found it to be a wonderful experience. Your leadership skills allowed us switch off and relax for the week knowing every thing would be taken care of.

Hope to see you on the next leg!

Thanks again,


Sue Farrell, Dublin, Ireland, (JUNE 2014)

Just back from a great week with three ex colleagues on the Camino.

Good company, stunning scenery, great walking and terrific organisation provided by our tour leader Brian. All bases were covered from hotel reservations, dinner bookings right down to compeed for those nasty blisters.
Thanks again Brian for a memorable trip

Ger McGann, Dublin, Ireland, (JUNE 2014)

Thanks for great week on the Camino.

Had an absolute blast!

I’m ready for the next 100km 

Missing it already!

Best of luck


Naomi Reilly, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

I highly recommend Flavour of The Camino.

With efficiency, good humour, and an infectious passion for the Camino,  Brian Hunt managed to take all the potential hassle out of the trip, leaving us free to fully experience the Camino in our own way.

Ann McDonald, Dublin, Ireland, (APRIL 2014)

Had a terrific time on the Camino with a great gang.

Everything very well arranged and organised.

No luggage to be carried and stayed in great hotels.

Brian did himself proud and looked after everyone especially those who were suffering with feet and exhaustion~not that that happened too often!!

Would recommend this site to anyone who is considering walking/starting the Camino (even if you are not Irish!!).   

Looking forward to the next stage next year

Regards, Ronnie & Monica

Ronnie Woods, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

Just finished my Camino yesterday and still on a high!

Brian’s passion and enthusiasm for the Camino de Santiago was evident even before I met him and that never waned during the week.

Always there with a smile and an encouraging word, catering for our every need, making sure we were enjoying our Camino. Every undulation worth the climb because, as promised, the view at the top always made it worthwhile. This part of the Camino has spectacular scenery and took my breath away many times during the week.

Thanks to my fellow peregrinos the craic was mighty – what a great bunch of people! My “Camino moment” was having lunch under an almond tree with a view of the Picos de Europa mountains listening to a cuckoo with my two best friends – a memory that will stay with me forever.

Thanks to a lovely man – Buen Camino Brian.

Ann Halpin, Cannes, France, (MAY 2014)

I always wanted to do the Camino and when Brian said he was starting a small company to give people a “Flavour of the Camino”  the timing was just right for myself my two sisters and one brother in law to do it.

It has proven to be one of the best experiences I have had. I loved it, and would love to continue next year with another part of my Camino.

Brian was the best, friendly and encouraging and a really great guide.

I encourage anyone to walk with him along his beloved Camino


Billie Stafford, Dublin, Ireland, (JUNE 2014)

“The trip of a lifetime on the Camino”

This guy Brian is brill –  it’s the best holiday we’ve ever been on.

Such an amazing experience. We never thought we could achieve our challenge. With Brian’s encouragement and enthusiasm, you’re smitten from day one. It’s the best of fun and the craic was mighty! We loved every minute of it. We are booking for next year, that’s a definite!  Rating 5 stars defo !

Book – you’ll enjoy it and what a feeling of elation when completed.

Allan & Joan McKee, Dublin, Ireland, (May 2014)

Had an excellent week with a great bunch of friends, both old and newly made. Weather was superb and the craic was 90.

Really enjoyed the Brian Hunt hints & surprises – kept every day fresh out there.

I now rate this as one of the true gems of the world – I will definitely be back in 2015. I can’t recommend Brian’s style & skill highly enough

Jim Gleeson, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2014)

Five stars are not enough to do justice to this fabulous trip.

I am a seasoned ‘group holiday’ walker having done 12 amazing trips to far flung places in recent years. Flavour of the Camino gets my number one vote for organization, customer care, value for money, fun, camaraderie….I could go on and on.

Muchas gracias Senor Brian for bringing the gift of the Camino to me! I will definitely do the next trip and have no hesitation in recommending Brian and Flavour of the Camino to all budding peregrinos.

Anne Nolan, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

We had a fantastic week walking from Pamplona to Logrono with Brian Hunt. It was definitely a holiday that we will always cherish.

Brian left no stone upturned to ensure that everything ran smoothly for everyone. It was very reassuring that he was always on hand from early morning until last thing at night to attend to any problems that people might have.

So if anyone out there is considering a trip to the Camino I would highly recommend that you book it with Brian.

Liam Stapleton, Mountmellick, Co. Laois, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

Brian – Thanks for a wonderfully enjoyable week.

Your passion & energy were infectious. Your attention to detail and caring nature ensured the whole experience was trouble free, all we had to do was enjoy “our camino”.

For anybody looking for a guided introduction to the camino, I highly recommend going with Brian. He will leave no stone unturned to ensure you get a real “Flavour” for ‘The Way’ and for Northern Spain. His offer,  delivery of the goods, plus a few surprises, is great value for money.  As the saying goes ‘it does what it says on the tin’.

Bernie & Seán Carney, Blackrock, Dublin

Sean & Bernie Carney, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

I was fortunate to spend my first week on the Camino with Brian and a wonderful group of people.

Brian’s love and enthusiasm for all the Camino has to offer was palpable and he certainly imparted this to one and all on our week. The week was superbly organised and went smoothly from start to finish.

Well done Brian and thank you for the wonderful introduction.  Hilary

Hilary Somerville, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

Just back from Flavour of the Camino trip along the Camino de Santiago.

Blistered feet, swollen toes, tired. Up at 0700,  in bed by 2300. Would I go again. Yes ,Yes,Yes.

It was great – beautiful scenery, fantastic weather, great wine, fabulous  exercise, and great company.

Brian is a very knowledgeable and interesting guide.  The trip was well organised and went without a hitch.  Beats lying on a beach for a week by a mile.

Thank you Brian

Don Wrafter, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

While we are now back from our trip for 4 weeks,  every moment is still very much alive.

It was without doubt one of the best holidays we ever had.  Brian had everything considered and spoilt us so that all we had to do was focus on the walking, the wildlife, the companionship and the laughter.

Brian has ensured we got the “Flavour of the Camino” but he has left us wanting more.  If Carlsberg did a Camino trip this would have been it.

Thank you – we can’t wait to go back with Brian next year.  Declan and Mary Buckley

Mary & Declan Buckley, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

Hola Brian

Since returning home I have been savouring the memories of our wonderful week on the Camino. It was truly a fantastic experience and one that I will treasure for a long time.

It was wonderful to make so many new friends and to have some quality time to spend with old ones.  Thank you for making those memories possible. Your passion, enthusiasm and good humour, not to mention your organisational skills (and ability to arrange the weather!) ensured that we could all relax and focus on enjoying our Camino.

With best wishes – Paul

Paul Owens, Dublin, Ireland (MAY 2014)

This is a superb introduction to the Camino.

A group of us had a fabulous week in May with Brian. Not only does he organise everything from airport collections hotels restaurants baggage transport etc. but Brian walks with the group and his knowledge of and enthusiasm for the Camino is phenomenal.  

Brian provides also a great pre and post walk service. Getting to know you meetings, advice Sheets and a practice walk are all part of the wonderful service of Flavour of the Camino.

We stayed in lovely hotels , ate and drank extremely well and of course had the beautiful Camino trail as our days highlight.

This is a wonderful introduction to the Camino.  Brian Hunt is an excellent guide , raconteur, and has such a love for the Camino that I would wholeheartedly recommend this trip to anyone with an interest in walking the Camino

Mark Heaton, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

Hi Brian – I hope this finds you well rested and relaxed after your 6 weeks of walking the Camino!!

I was very impressed with the detail you issued on the preparation before the walk. That was great advice. I had every confidence the walk would be a success and it was due to your organisation, planning and attention to detail!

You have great energy and drive which resulted in our group having a fantastic week walking and experiencing Northern Spain. The walk was easy and hard at times but never too difficult!  The little villages we passed through were beautiful and full of history. The walking through the countryside was beautiful and inspiring!   We stayed in wonderful places, where we could relax and have a few beers and a bit of craic!  Just perfect at the end of each day,

Thank you for all your extra effort and the time you put in to make it special for us.  I had a great time and enjoyed all the fun and the craic with the group!

Well Done!!!   Deirdre Hickey

Deirdre Hickey, Cork, Ireland (MAY 2014)

I went on one of Brian’s Flavour of the Camino trips this year. It really was a fabulous trip.

Brian had everything ready for us, wonderful preparation and organisation altogether,  which allowed us all to  just concentrate on the walking. 

Brian provided us with a verbal and written update each day outlining what the next day’s walk would bring, details of the journey and gradients ahead of us etc., along with many other helpful tips. The hotels were very good, all different but wonderful and it was super that for a modest fee we didn’t have to carry our bags each day.

Brian walked with us every day, he has some stamina which kept us all going. The group were an excellent mix of people, some of whom I knew and also some new people to meet which was great. We all had different levels of fitness but that didn’t matter. Everyone got on well and everyone finished the walks each day.  We all had the opportunity to walk and talk to each other each day, to walk alone and to take time out to think.  It was great. There were smiles and laughs galore which is what we all needed. 

I would love to do another 100kms or so next year, so no pressure Brian!  Roll on next year

Una Ryan, Dublin, Ireland, (JUNE 2014)

Having just returned from a Flavour of the Camino trip, I want to endorse the comments already left on the website. The whole experience was terrific.

We all knew we were in good, safe hands from the start, with Brian being experienced, informed and well organised.

Having all the accommodation booked and the transport arrangements in place, including having our bags transported daily, meant that all we had to do was to fall into the rhythm of the Camino and just walk!

With good company and beautiful scenery, the distances passed by (almost) effortlessly.

Brian has a very well run operation and I would be more than happy, not only to recommend Flavour of the Camino to anyone, but to actively encourage others to take the trip.

A wonderful experience.

Ruth Bell

Ruth Bell, Dublin, Ireland, (JUNE 2014)

Brian enabled us to fulfil a long held ambition to experience the spirit of the Camino first hand.

His research, preparation information, detailed fact sheets and prearranged accommodation and luggage transfer arrangements were impeccably managed. In addition, he had daily information sheets- which usually contained a surprise (a nice one) and the inevitable undulation along the path – the allegoric ups and downs of living!

Brian accompanied us at all times, which was an achievement in itself as our group consisted of 15 people of different strengths, levels of fitness and stamina, age and velocity. Brian continually ‘swept’ the group, always encouraging, always engaging and always ready to share the snippets of local colour and information which he himself had gathered during his many prior trips to this part of the camino.  I learned to recognise the sound of his walking poles tapping on the path when he came back to accompany me along the road.
The walk was a challenge which we overcame each day and it was so welcome to be led by Brian to an Inn, our waiting bags,  a shower, a meal and a bed – and a briefing about the next day’s walk.

Two months after our walk, we still reflect on our fellow Irish peregrinos, and those strangers on a shared mission whom we briefly met, but whose words or experiences have resonated in some way with us. It was a memorable experience, tired and footsore at times, but one which we intend to repeat.

And we will definitely take Brian’s advice next time and use the meths for our feet. No blisters!!!

John & Pat Marchant, Dublin, Ireland`(MAY 2014)

Brian – thanks sincerely for a truly fantastic week on the Camino. It exceeded all my expectations. I was privileged to be on your first week – it was evident from the “get go” that you were extremely well prepared and made us all feel relaxed – as you said to us “it is your Camino” – and you lived up to that. You gave us the options to decide on timings/where to eat etc and left it up to the group to decide – but you had all the options covered off.  Really appreciated the nightly briefings and the excellent notes you gave for the next day’s walk.

From start to finish it was a great experience. I really enjoyed the walks through the beautiful countryside of northern Spain , such spectacular scenery!  It was obvious that you know the region very well – you were a fountain of knowledge when called upon.  Our group gelled really well – after 5 minutes it was like we all knew each other for years.  The craic during the walks and at meals was fantastic. Laughed so much it hurt!!  Excellent accommodation, a couple of sing songs and meeting fellow peregrinos on the way all added to the fun and the experience.

Already Flavour of the Camino must be one of,  if not, the best run and well organised companies doing such trips – and definitely best value by a long shot.  I wish you and your business continued success in the years ahead.

Many thanks again Brian – look forward to joining Flavour of the Camino on the next stage

Derek Manning, Dublin, Ireland, (APRIL 2014)


I have had some time now to reflect on my Flavour of The Camino trip and to sum up,  it meant the following to me:-

  • Preparing got me fitter than I have been for years and I will now continue with my fitness program.
  • It introduced me to hiking and removed any fears I had.  I am now hiking regularly with a local walking group.
  • I met some really great people who I will keep in touch with.
  • It introduced me to Northern Spain. It is a fantastic area and I hope to return very soon to explore further.
  • I saw some of the most beautiful country side I have ever seen – you will recall my reaction after that day in the valley to Los Arcos.
  • As well as the countryside the 2 nights in Bilbao were an added bonus. It’s a great city. I went to the Guggenheim on Saturday and it was terrific – just sorry I didn’t have more time to explore it

I have nothing but happy memories of the week.

So just to say thanks Brian for organising it.  It was a totally unique set up and your commitment, organisation and assistance throughout was incredible. To have set this up and executed it so well is something you should be very proud of.

I would love to hear that you are organising a further stage next year.  I would be first on the list and could then start looking forward to it already.

Thanks and regards  –  Mark

Mark Leaden, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)

This is a great introduction to the Camino for anybody who is thinking of giving it a go.

The preparatory video presentation with Q&A and factsheet two months before the first of the groups departed was very useful. This was followed up with a half-day’s group walk in County Wicklow which factored in a degree of difficulty the equal of anything we would encounter in Spain (bar hot weather). We arrived in Pamplona fully prepared for all eventualities and the week went entirely to plan.

Navarre is reputed to be the most beautiful stretch of the Camino and it certainly lived up to the billing: wonderful countryside and views, plants and trees, beautiful birdsong (a particular memory for many of us), poppies lining the vast cereal fields and rolling vineyards, welcoming towns and villages, amazing Romanesque and Baroque churches even in the smallest villages, excellent food and, of course, the wines. Some of the group discovered rosado for the first time – it is particularly good from Navarre.

The talk already is of coming back to Logroño and taking the next stage, perhaps as far as Burgos. Count me in!

David Soden, Dublin, Ireland, (MAY 2014)


“I never knew I wanted to walk the Camino until I met Brian!  We got talking at a Spanish class and his sheer enthusiasm and passion for the Camino had me completely hooked by week 3!  He gave me great advice from the heart but also with the experience of someone who has walked every step of the way.  I definitely felt I had a true ‘insider’ view as I turned up in St Jean and had the edge on some of my fellow pilgrims.  I would really recommend him as someone who can help you for a week or five on the Camino – he knows it well and has a wonderful approachable manner.  The spirit of the Camino is alive and living in him!”

Sheila Kilduff, Dublin -Ireland (2013)

Sometime ago, a friend and myself were talking about how we would love to walk some of the Camino but it just seemed such a daunting challenge so it was put on the long finger.  Then a chance conversation with Brian Hunt and that daunting challenge turned into an exciting adventure.

Brian’s passion for the Camino is infectious and this was translated into sound advice about what to bring and what not to bring, the accommodation options along the way and most important,  great advice about how to look after your feet!

So this is why Flavour of the Camino is a perfect venture for Brian because his passion for the Camino is coupled with years of customer care experience and organisational skills in the corporate world: and most of all, knowing Brian, it will be great fun.

Romayne Farrell, Wexford, Ireland (2013)

I left for my camino in the Fall of 2010.

My deepest fear – crossing the Pyrenees on my own. From the city of Vancouver surrounded by the beautiful north shore mountains I knew how quickly the weather could change from fair to life threatening in the mountains. I arrived in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port on board a single carriage train full of fellow pilgrims laden with knapsacks. Under clear blue skies in the heat of the sun I made my way to the camino office to collect my passport where I met a French Canadian as keen as I to begin the assent up the mountain.

Thrilled with our good fortune to reserve the last two beds at the Orisson Hostel, off we set. It was glorious. Our way a storybook vision of rolling green fields peppered with picturesque villages of yore. The last to arrive in the setting sun. Those before us enjoying their revelry at the large communal table clapped at our entrance; the proprietor lifted our heavy packs, showed us our seats, poured our first glass of red Navarra wine, and returned momentarily with the best lamb stew I’ve ever had. The evening was all smiles and good humour as everyone looked forward to their coming journey.

In the night a storm rolled in, the lightening cracked, the thunder boomed above our heads, the rain poured. We rose inside grey heavy cloud, the rain still coming down, and my companion advised she was going to try and get a cab. Determined to walk I was in survival mode. I turned and there was Brian with his warm friendly smile. Of course, I could walk with him and his lovely wife Alison. My heart stopped pounding.

In ponchos off we went. Some might think crazy. But it was a fantastic day. We walked in bucketing rain, occasional lightening, and when the skies cleared astonishing beauty. And I realized I was not alone in my fear. There were eight of us. None of us wanted to be alone and we carefully counted our number at each and every turn of the trail. We compared notes on footwear – whatever you’d bought you were walking in puddles. We were very close that day.

I walked on with Brian and Alison, and others in our number for the next 5 days. Brian was always ready with a warm smile, easy conversation, a laugh, and a helping hand to anyone in need. An amiable easy companion on the “way”.

His passion for the camino is evidenced by his own pilgrimage not once but twice.

These 5 days are our shared story. Just one example of the joy and care to be found. I’ve no doubt you’d be in fine hands starting your journey with Brian’s guidance

Vanessa Robson, Toronto, Canada, (2013)

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