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FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO trips are about flexibility. If you wish to stay in the traditional Camino hostels, that can be facilitated, although in some towns these are not bookable in advance. (In these circumstances, we will be “on the ground” with you and will ensure to organise these for you as we walk along the Camino route with you)

If however you would prefer to stay in hotels with your own room and the privacy and comfort that provides, we automatically arrange that for you unless you advise us not to.

HOTELS (See also note 1 below re PYRENEES  section)

Accommodation in rural Spain is varied.  Most of the towns along the Camino de Santiago have small hotels, many of which do not have links to online hotel booking sites. In some towns hotel standards vary from basic up to more luxurious accommodation. However in the majority of cases, the accommodation is basic. (This might mean for example that the reception area of the hotel is part of an adjoining restaurant, or that you will not get a television in your room etc).

However, your comfort is of utmost importance to us. We understand that after a long morning spent walking across the countryside you need a private, comfortable and clean place in which to relax and sleep. We have inspected/stayed in every hotel that we book for our clients.  These hotels have been handpicked because they are clean and comfortable.  Unless we tell you otherwise at the time of booking, you will get your own room with ensuite etc, (with the exception of the Pyrenees section where we must use dormitory style accommodatoion on 2 nights – however these are very clean and well run establishments and we have had no complaints from anyone who has stayed in this accommodation with us over the years).

Our accommodation type differs from town to town – all depending on availability. It will as stated always be clean, but the variety of accommodations adds to the sense of adventure and anticipation experienced by our clients.


We have visited every hotel we use, and in most cases negotiated special prices for FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO guests, based on the numbers of people we will be bringing to their establishment. All hotel bills are paid direct by you to the hotel (at the reduced FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO rate) when you are checking out of your hotel each day.

Hotel prices vary according to the size of the town/type of accommodation/rating of your hotel.  For example prices will be higher in cities like Bilbao and around Pamplona compared to smaller towns and villages.

Also, in many of the towns in which we stay, we have agreed a reduced overall rate for dinner bed and breakfast, or else we have organised a reduced rate for dinner at a local restaurant, (assuming you wish to eat with the rest of your FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO group at a time to be agreed by your group).

Typical rates per room (own ensuite)

Single room – €70 down to €45

Double room – €100 down to €45

Triple room – €100 down to  €60

 NOTE – PYRENEES section – this section (which is usually only open to be booked by people who have travelled with us on a FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO trip in the past or those whom we know as being fit enough for a Camino trip), includes 2 nights in an albergue. See HERE for further information about this particular trip

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