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FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO fee for 2018 – and other costs

Our weekly fee which is the same as last year and depends upon how many people are included in each individual booking, is as follows : –

  • Individual booking           €240 per person
  • Two people or more         €220 per person



With the exception of the FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO fee, the following costs are estimates.  They are on a “per person sharing” basis and are deemed realistic/accurate:

Flavour of the Camino fee              €220 (note 1)

Flights                                                 €241 (note 2)

Accommodation                                €259 (note 2)

Food                                                    €226 (note 2)

Travel – within Spain                     €   24

Baggage transport                            €  30

Total                                                € 1,000

Note 1  –  Booking Process

When you make your initial enquiry,  you will  receive an email with additional information, and a “Booking Registration and Preferences Form” for completion and return. This enables you tell us what type of accommodation you prefer and whether you require baggage transfer etc.

You will also be asked for a deposit of €150 of the FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO FEE per person per week booked, with the remainder payable nearer to the start date of your holiday. (The remainder will be either €90, or €70 per person, depending upon whether there are 1, 2 or more people respectively in your group  – see What FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO provides”  for more information. NOTE – the indicative FLAVOR OF THE CAMINO fee quoted above relates to the cost per person where a double booking is made).

On receipt by us of your  “Booking Registration and Preferences Form”  and deposit cheque, you will then be sent confirmation of your booking.  Based on your preferences we will immediately finalise the necessary bookings for you in Spain. At this time we will also confirm when you should proceed with booking the flights relevant to the week you have chosen for your FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO trip,  to ensure availability.

Note – we operate on a “pay as you go” basis – eg whilst we book your accommodation, (usually at a favourable/discounted rate), you pay for it each day direct to the hotel (at the reduced FLAVOUR OF THE CAMINO-negotiated price).  Also, travel in Spain (or France in respect of the PYRENEES section),  is by the excellent public coach/rail service – again we book in advance but you pay when you arrive in Spain/France

Note 2 – above prices are generous estimates :

  • Flights – cost per person of return flights (Dublin – Bilbao/ Bilbao – Dublin  for the NAVARRA and LA RIOJA sections   OR   Dublin – Biarritz/Bilbao – Dublin for the PYRENEES section) as per Aer Lingus/Ryanair websites. (Quotation is based on the Aer Lingus/Ryanair flights for the Pyrenees trip departing Dublin on 16th June 2018, and prices were correct as at 2nd October 2017 and include a checked in bag per person per flight)
  • Accommodation – calculated on a per person basis for a double room at an average of €37 per night. Early payment of booking deposit enables us secure bookings (and helps us secure discounted prices for you).
  • Food – Your eating preferences are absolutely your choice – you choose where/when/what you eat. We have simply based the estimated figure on normal set menu prices across Northern Spain (3 course meals including wine and bread – €15 per person, and often less than that), with an average total cost of €12 per day for breakfast and lunch (and with the addition of a rounding figure to bring the overall estimated price of your trip up to €1,000)



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