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Flavour Of The Camino

Helping you experience the scenery, history, culture, atmosphere, food, drink, fun, friendship, adventure and sense of achievement of the Camino De Santiago, whilst enjoying a one-week guided walking trip through the Pyrenees, Navarra or Rioja regions of this wonderful pilgrim trail
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Experience Something Completely Different

Camino Experience

Wandering through beautiful scenery, with time to reflect, no mobile phones annoying you, meeting wonderful people from around the globe, all encouraging each other and having great fun each evening. Thats the Camino - stress-free and relaxed. Its the most positive, uplifting and therepeutic experience you are ever likely to have on a holiday

We're with you all the way

No need for hostels or for carrying your rucksack if thats not your thing. We organise your hotel reservations and baggage transfers and accompany you as your guide on your walk each day. There's lots more too - we tour the bull-run in Pamplona, have a guided tour of Bodegas Irache a fantastic family run winery, and experience the delights of the Basque city of Bilbao. And thats not all...

Feel fantastic each evening

Feel like you have won an award each evening. After a day of fresh air, exercise, laughter, and encouragement from your friends, you reflect on how far you walked without even noticing (because you were enjoying it so much), and you feel absolutely fantastic! Your comfortable (and very reasonably priced) accommodation ensures you sleep like never before

Travel With Confidence

There are countless reasons to join us on a Flavour of the Camino trip
  • Accommodation booked for you
  • No need to carry your rucksack
  • Our guide is with you each day
  • We are there if something goes wrong
  • Full info package for you each morning of your trip
  • Your week can cost as little as €1000, (inc travel, food, baggage transfer and accommodation)
  • And lots lots more - we want you to have the week of your life!
  • Testimonials (See more under 'About' at top of this page)

    Following our fantastic experience last year walking the Navarra section with Flavour of the Camino, we returned this year to walk both the La Rioja and Pyrenees sections, both of which were equally wonderful, thanks in no small way to our leader, tour guide, sherpa, nurse, agony aunt,…… and all round great guy Brian Hunt!

    Thank you Brian for another two memorable weeks.

    Willie & Sally Campbell, Dublin, Ireland (MAY & JUNE 2016)